Reach For The Stars Box Set


Ethan has a dream…

His research has finally given him hope of achieving his dream to reach for the stars. He has developed the warp bubble drive to travel faster than the speed of light. He’s done it! Except greed from a businessman causes a race to Saturn to secure the supple of the fuel for the drive.

Overcoming the greed of business, Ethan heads to Alpha Centauri and into history when he walks on the surface of a planet orbiting another star. However, what they discover poses more questions about the origins of humanity than they can answer. A virus infects Jade and Ethan is running out of time to save her.

A strange star map points to Tau Ceti. Why?

On a planet at Tau Ceti, Ethan finds out that humanity is not alone in the universe, nor were they originally unique.

Greed again causes strife. When Jade is injured, clinging to life, Ethan must decide whether he is prepared to risk both of their lives for a chance to save hers, with startling results… for them and the future of humanity.

Is Ethan ready to settle in one place? Has his hunger to explore been satisfied? Can he lead humanity to the next phase of its evolution?


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