Someone is watching…

A mysterious star map found at Alpha Centauri leads Ethan Richards off on his next adventure with his wife Jade. Why is a map found at Alpha Centauri pointing to Tau Ceti where it was two million years ago?

As Ethan explores a habitable planet at Tau Ceti, they find something.

“That doesn’t look natural.”

When they investigate, they meet a mysterious alien who has his own agenda and secrets including a strange black block.

Loki Mason finds out about the alien, and he sees an opportunity to restore his flagging fortune. He travels to the planet and forces Ethan to take him to the alien, using Jade and his friends as hostage.

A gun battle has Jade clinging to life in Ethan’s arms, her blood on his hands. He has only one option to save her, but dare he risk both their lives to save hers?


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