Show, don't Tell (and really getting it); Showing and Telling

Show, don’t Tell (and really getting it) is a book written by Janice Hardy. She describes the problems with telling in stories in the book in detail. She looks into telling in sentences, paragraphs and whole scenes and offers tips on changing the text to showing instead.

Backstory and infodumps can also slow down the story. She presents tips on removing them or providing the information in a different showing way. Is the information important? Does it add to the story? Or are you just passing on information that you know, but isn’t really important for the enjoyment of the story? She looks at this also in the book.

She reviews different types of tells and the red flag words that usually accompany them, providing tips on removing the tell and improving your story.

I found this book very enlightening and useful in improving my writing. She writes the book in an easy to read way. The book is now within reach whenever I start editing my stories.

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