Scorpius Now Available As Paperback

My novel ‘Scorpius’ is now available in paperback form at Amazon.com. Read more for a profile of the story.

A murder occurs on Caerus. Mysterious symbols appear at the crime scene, left by the perpetrator. Alex Warner must find the killer, so rising tension between the Cetusians and Humans in the Galactic Confederation cool. He must work with a female Cetusian, the worst of both worlds, in his opinion. Alex also meets Chooli, a more enchanting one. He quickly finds himself on the trail of a serial killer, but how are the victims selected?

Ahiga discovers his now dead father led a secret life as part of a clandestine organization, an organization whose members die at an alarming rate to prevent disclosure of a conspiracy of galactic proportions.

Alex and Ahiga find themselves joining forces to solve the murder and prevent a galactic catastrophe.

Can they find the murderer? Can they stop the conspiracy in time? What is Scorpius?