John’s SciFi Space Short Story


Part 12

While Moloch schemed his escape, Cain wallowed in his despair in the fathomless well of his consciousness. He dared not let his thoughts leak out to the monster inside him, although he couldn’t tell the limit to Moloch’s ability to discern his mental activity.

Cain’s mind swirled — lost, desperate, and seemingly beyond help. He wondered if he should commit suicide, but he removed the notion as soon as it materialized. Moloch wouldn’t allow it unless Cain found a means to circumvent his control. “Why did you choose me?” he muttered.

That got Moloch’s attention. He made Cain produce a demonic laugh. “Do you assume I chose you? There are better, preferred souls I’d rather inhabit. You were just available.”

“Why didn’t you find someone more suitable for your plans?”

“It’s not how possession works. Once I enter a body, I can only leave it by external force or by death. Neither is pleasurable to me.” Moloch stopped and then said, “Enough. I tire of this babbling. Keep quiet while I contemplate.”

Death or eviction, Cain thought. At least I have a choice. His melancholy eased. Moloch’s words gave Cain options. Moloch had let vital information slip, and he knew he had before his reticence returned. Cain realized he had to trick Moloch into letting his guard down before evicting the parasite, but he was powerless while cooped up in this prison cell. He needed to escape before even hoping to repossess his body, his soul, his life.


To be continued…


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