Gatacus Todd – Retirement

Gatacus Todd gazed at his desk in the Police Department Homicide division on Xerxes or what he hoped was the last time. After almost 23 years of detective work, he was finally throwing in the towel and retiring. He had enough of the abuse and ingratitude.As if it was enough getting it from the criminals and the families of the victims of the crimes he investigated (he was a homicide detective), but receiving the same attitude from his superiors eventually broke him to the point where he now stood — disillusioned, forlorn and rebellious. To rub it in, the office was deserted, only the walls and desks standing in recognition of his ever being there. Not even a handshake from his boss. Gatacus sighed.

He picked up his few personal possessions — a holographic puzzle that stood on his desk, his comm and a stylus he kept as recognition of his achievement in becoming a detective so many years ago. With one last look, he rose and headed for the door. There was no point in staying any longer.

When he opened the door, he was confronted by a barrier of colleagues yelling at him, full of raucous laughter and mischief. Gatacus stood still, surprised and chastised as he realized his stupidity in thinking no one would consider giving him a send off to remember. He grinned. He felt like a boy in a candy shop, caught with his hand in the candy jar. Recovering from his shock, he noticed his boss, Chief inspector Leonis Eridanus standing front and center of the crowd with a goofy grin on his face.

“You didn’t think you’d get away that easily, did you?” he said.

Gatacus thought he must’ve had an equally goofy grin and just shrugged, lost for words.

Leonis and the others swarmed around him, eager to give him a heartwarming sendoff. Someone placed a drink in his hand and they all socialised for half an hour or so before people started dispersing to continue their own lives. Before long, just Gatacus and Leonis remained staring at each other as they finished their drinks.

“What will you do with yourself?” Leonis asked.

Gatacus shrugged. “This and that. I have savings and interests in Chadea V I might drop in on for a while.”

“Well, keep in touch.”

Not on your life. “I’ll do that.” Gatacus smiled. The last thing he wanted was to maintain any contact with the Xerxes police department after the way they treated him over the years. “This is it then.” He held out his hand.

“Yes.” Leonis shook it. “Good luck.”


Gatacus finished his drink and walked out the door of the homicide division. Moments later he left the police station for good. A warmth settled over him he didn’t believe he would experience. He smiled again as he headed to the nearest taxi and the space port. He had no more business on Xerxes and was eager to catch a flight to Chadea V where he intended relaxing in his favourite bar, the Olympic on the Cyrus space station orbiting the planet.



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