The Dark Ages 

No electricity, a dying town, a reluctant engineer. Will he help them? What will it cost him?

The Earth enters a nebulous cloud, making everything that uses electricity obsolete, the people of Earth having to survive by living a life before electricity was harnessed.

Nelson bought a farm outside Seahaven, a small coastal town, for peace and quiet, until his daughter Rachel demands he help the town survive, and he grudgingly does her bidding. But then the town relies on him whenever they have a problem. After being shot, he’s had enough and hikes out to the nearby mountains, and into danger.

Lawan, from the nearby city of Beretta, knows it’s no longer safe. Looking for a safe place to live, she stumbles across Nelson. Can she assimilate into the township of Seahaven?

Sebastian, an underworld inhabitant of Beretta, realises his existing life is over. So he devises a plan to move to Seahaven and make it his own personal town, only to have Nelson get in his way. Sebastian intends giving Nelson an incentive to let him have what he wants…

Everyone thinks their problems are over until a gang of nomads ride into Seahaven and take it over as their own fiefdom. The residents look to Nelson again to save them. Knowing he must finally take a stand to protect the people he loves, Nelson confronts the nomads. Either they leave peacefully or he forces them to…

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