An Ambassador is murdered…

Alex must find the murderer of the Caerus Ambassador, but quickly finds out the murder is only one of many… “Being an Ambassador is a dangerous occupation.”

Why are notes with the zodiac symbol for Scorpius left at the scene of the crimes? 

“They will pay for what they did to me…” 

Tensions rise between the Humans and the Cetusians of the Galactic Confederation, but why? Who is behind it? 

When Alex finally catches up with the murderer, he thinks his case is solved. But when he returns to Caerus to wrap things up, someone is out to get him. 

Much more is at stake than murder and Alex must race against time to stop a catastrophe spanning the whole confederation. 

If you love reading science fiction thrillers in exotic planetary locations, you will love reading this series starter of the Zodiac Series. 

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