A man, an AI, a world to change.

Oswald lives in a world of isolation, as do the remnant of humanity. Their only interactions occur using their Personal Reality machines. They have an hour each month to enjoy the outside air.

When Oswald accidently overstays his hour, he meets another human, Faye, for the first time. As they experience the difference of interacting in person, they question why they live as they do.

Determined to meet whoever controls their lives, Oswald and Faye embark on a trek to find this mysterious being.

After many adventures, including bring a baby into the world, they finally meet SAGI, hoping to find answers.

As it watches the physical interactions of the humans, SAGI realizes the limitations of its own existance amidst a sea of emotions. Oswald fears for their lives, hoping SAGI doesn’t go insane.

Can SAGI find happiness? Can they find a better life for humanity?

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