Halwende's Reincarnation Image

Halwende’s Reincarnation

I’ll rescue Adala, or I’ll die trying.

With the prospect of war imminent for Helheim, Adala is less than impressed with Halwende for bringing it to her. And she suspects he’s involved with another woman.

Once he smooths things out he impresses on her the inevitability of war with the Rigel Empire.

Acting on information he gleaned from the records on Eridu, Halwende discovers old empire warships that still use Flerovium crystals as their power source and believes he now has a fighting chance of overthrowing the emperor.

Destroying Barak’s fleet of warship, Halwende’s confidence of success escalates.

But when Adala is kidnapped and taken to Eridu, Halwende realises he must sacrifice himself to save Adala and her people.

Can he find a way to escape with Adala or is this the end for him after suffering so much loss?

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