Halwende's Redemption Image


Halwende’s Redemption

Halwende wants to forget his past… but can’t.

Halwende crash-lands on a planet that shouldn’t exist and is asked to help fight someone else’s civil war between the dethroned ruler from the usurper Egon, who intends making the king’s daughter, Adala, his bride.

When Adala pleads for Halwende’s help, he refuses her. But when he sees the people suffering at the hands of the tyrant, he remembers… and knows he must help them.

Surrounded by inexperienced fighters looking for a leader to guide them, Halwende must demonstrate the courage and desperation they need to win back what they lost, despite his self-doubts.

Betrayed, captured and tortured, he wonders what sort of mess he’s gotten himself into.

His sense of devastation returns when the despot captures Adala. Time is running out. Can he redeem his past guilt by rescuing Adala and saving her kingdom, even if he must die for it?

All seems lost when Adala is captured. Time is running out, but does he have the strength to silence his demons and find the peace he seeks without revealing who he truly is?

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