FTL Cover



Ethan Richards dreams of going to the stars, and now he just might get there.

Developing the Warp Bubble Drive, he sees his dream being realised, but he must obtain an ample supply of Astatine, the rarest element on Earth. When a plentiful deposit is found on Iapetus, a moon of Saturn, he thinks his problems are solved.

Loki Mason gets whatever he wants, and when he finds out about the deposit of Astatine on Iapetus, he wants it.

Placing a mole on Ethan’s team to delay him, Loki thinks he has the time to claim the deposit for himself. But time delays for his departure means Ethan may get there first. That’s not going to happen… 

They both race to Iapetus, but there can be only one claimant to the deposit. Who will prevail… and at what cost, as they both lock their weapon systems on each other…?

If you like reading books in the style of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke, you’ll love reading this Sci Fi story set in the near future, where Ethan’s adventure to Reach For The Stars begins. 

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