New Short Story – Beggar Woman

Have just released a new short story called 'Beggar Woman'. It's only a thousand words. Hope those of you who read it like the story. Download it as a pdf from my website - Click to View Also available free online in any format at the usual places.

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Scorpius Now Available As Paperback

My novel 'Scorpius' is now available in paperback form at Amazon.com. Read more for a profile of the story. A murder occurs on Caerus. Mysterious symbols appear at the crime scene, left by the perpetrator. Alex Warner must find the killer, so rising tension between...

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Scorpius Published

John Wegener just published his new book 'Scorpius' on Smashwords. It is a science fiction murder and conspiracy mystery with a little romance thrown in. It is also available from your favourite ebook download site (iBooks. Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc.) in a...

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Childhood Memories

Childhood memories. Have you ever reflected back to your childhood experiences with a sense of wonder, appreciating that you of the opportunity to do the things you remember? These things shape our lives, sometimes in minor ways, sometimes in major ones. These are the...

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Short Stories Available

Short Stories Available. Two short stories I wrote for competitions and have been judged, are now available for purchase on the major eBook retail sites. They are "Ulysses' Great Adventure" and "The Love Particle". "Ulysses' Great Adventure" centres around a sea...

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