Ethan puts together a team to travel to the Centauri star system and explore for habitable planets. They start off on their voyage taking Hu with them with a wormhole portal the Chinese have developed. All goes well and they are all fascinated by the sights of new planets with ecosystems never before viewed by human eyes. Meanwhile, Hu gets the wormhole connection back to Earth functioning not realising how soon it will be used in earnest.

Ethan, Jade and some of the team start exploring one of the planets, Chariclo, in detail and discover a closed off cave. Opening the entrance, they venture inside stopping in their tracks when they see humanoid skeletons lined up on the floor of the cave. Who were these people, where did they come from and what killed them? A virus is detected and the people on the planet start getting headaches and eventually dying from the virus – all except Ethan. Why is Ethan immune?

Ethan realises it is a race against time to find a cure before Jade succumbs to the effects of the virus and dies, a situation he can’t tolerate. Hu races through the wormhole taking samples back to laboratories on Earth so a cure can be manufactured, but will she get it back to Ethan in time to save Jade from certain death?

What is the mystery behind the virus?

And what is going on with Hu and General O’Conner?

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