Halwende’s Redemption

A lone space trader crash lands on an uninhabited planet or is it? He starts hearing noises and believes he is hallucinating because of the isolation. Before long he sees people and a society at war with itself but is it real or just in his mind? The conflict draws Halwende in, despite past memories he has buried deep within himself. Before long, people are looking to him to save them. A relationship with the rebel Princess Adala develops in the process. What lengths will he go to to help these people overcome their oppression and why should he get involved anyway? What deep pain is he trying to forget?

Where did these people come from and why do they seem to have lost the technology that the rest of the galactic civilisation possesses?

Halwende ends up discovering a surprising fact connecting him to Adala.

In the end, is it all in his imagination anyway?

The book is written is currently being reviewed and edited. I hope to publish it later this year.